Shiqeen A.

“You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of being.”

Shiqeen wasn’t always a sporty spice. She picked up sports at the age of 17, playing touch rugby for 6 years. After graduating with a diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, she went on to to become a flight attendant. While flying, Shiqeen would visit gyms and studios, trying out fitness programs all around the world which inspired her to take a personal training course.

Shiqeen loves high intensity workouts as they challenge the mind and body. Naturally, she got hooked on spinning and boxing, leading her to become a pack leader at CRU. When in class, expect her to be your personal hypegirl, cheering and pushing you past your limits. Dance (twerk) it out on the bag with ‘Shakween’ to hip hop and R&B tunes. We promise you a great sweaty time!