CRU’s mission is to disrupt the global fitness scene by delivering cutting edge group classes driven by beat bumping music and led by top notch Pack Leaders. Our multitude of concepts are inspired by the wolfpack mentality: moving as a social unit bound by strength, loyalty and togetherness. You show up, we’ll lead the pack.

We opened CruCycle Singapore in 2014 to revolutionise the indoor cycling scene — and we did. With a focus on spinning to the beat of well-curated playlists, CruCycle has gained a cult following of cardio junkies, music lovers, and sweat addicts chasing after a rider’s high. 

Our first global expansion brought us back to the roots of our founders: Los Angeles. CruBox Los Angeles fuses authentic boxing techniques with beat-matching movements, and has seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Usher, and Hailey Bieber come through its doors. Riding on the success of CruBox Los Angeles, CruBox Singapore opened shortly after.

Today, the ever-growing CRU brand has three state-of-the-art studios and a virtual experience: two on Duxton Road and Orchard Road, Singapore; one on the world renowned Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, Los Angeles; and a virtual studio, CRU TV, the future of fitness that comes with a bike, screen and an immersive app for you to sweat to the beat of your favourite pack leaders. 

Wherever you are, enjoy the same infectious energy, your favourite pack leaders, and a community that inspires, grows, and gets stronger together.  

Come For The Experience, Stay For The Change #JoinThePack


The Wolfpack is our CRU Community — yes, you: our collective of like-minded, sweat lovin’ individuals. Get a good workout, find your best self, and grow as a pack to become Stronger Together.


The CRU workouts focus on music, technique, and community. Expect high-intensity, music-driven bouts of cardio and strength training intervals that keep the heart rate elevated. Our classes are led by Pack Leaders that are carefully curated and trained in our in-house program to bring you the highest quality fitness program. 


CRU was founded in 2014 by three siblings: Bebe, Valerie, and Calvin Ding. Growing up in a bi-cultural background, the Dings found themselves shuttling between Singapore and Los Angeles.

Having been immersed in the two cities, their mission was to bring the West Coast vibe to Singapore by sharing its fitness and lifestyle scene. 

CRU68 points to more than just the address of our Duxton Studios on 68 Duxton Road. Translated from French, Cru in our definition means an organic growth — spiritually, mentally, and physically. With roots from Hong Kong, 68 was chosen as they have prosperous meanings in Chinese culture. Pronounced in Cantonese, "6" sounds like "luck" or "road", whereas "8" sounds like the Cantonese word for "to prosper". Hence, "68" means "the road to prosperity". 


CRU studios are located in the hippest spots of Singapore and Los Angeles. Enjoy a heart racing, beat bumping, sweat drippin’ workout; then adjourn for a cuppa coffee or a well-deserved meal at Duxton's, Orchard's and Melrose’s numerous dining options.

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