Darren N.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."

Darren is an energetic, uplifting, and influential coach whose training philosophy revolves strongly around his favorite quote, ensuring that all members leave the studio feeling better than when they first stepped in.
Darren was first introduced to boxing in 2019. The class opened his eyes to a new world of fitness, where fun, music, and boxing skills can all be fused together. He enjoys listening to music of different genres, from hardstyle to KPOP, and including them in his playlist to build his class intensity. He also likes to keep his combos simple, so members have time to absorb and excel in maximizing sweat and muscle burn.
Outside of coaching, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and energy through community building and experiencing new workouts. Besides fitness, he enjoys walking his two dogs, traveling, and sipping IPA beer.   
Lastly, a fun fact about Darren. He was in the Chinese Orchestra for 7 years and was generally unfit until his days in polytechnic, where he jumped right into Triathlon and never looked back on his fitness journey since.