“Your body is your home, be good to it"

Alyssa's yoga practice started in law school as a form of escape. It was a way for her to tune out everything. After some time, she realised that yoga was much more than a quick endorphin release. Time on her mat slowly became sacred and special. She allowed herself to feel everything - the discomfort when she pushes her body too far in an asana it wasn’t ready for, the relief in pigeon pose, the concentration in chair pose, the fear in inversions, the security and safety in child’s pose and the bliss in savasana. She accepted every thought and feeling as they came and realised the importance of practicing acceptance beyond the mat. Her classes will inspire and challenge you to do the same. 

Take one deep breath, take four more, move, drink water, drink some more, go out into the sun, walk, stretch, take ten more deep breaths. Feel better.