CruBox is our second fitness concept that offers a unique full-body workout through choreographing authentic boxing moves to a killer playlist. CruBox provides an intense yet addictive workout experience that is coupled with a strong community element, to women and men of all ages, fitness levels, and boxing abilities

Choose between our Group Bag Classes for a more convival experience or a Private Sweat Session with our Pack Leaders for a little more boxing technique

We strive to maintain a boxing program that promotes authenticity in a group setting, while building a community at the same time — The Wolfpack.


All Levels

50 minutes. Your Pack training starts here. This music-driven class combines bouts of shadow boxing and heavy bag work as well as body-shredding strength and core conditioning.

* Gloves and wraps needed

All Levels

35 minutes. The perfect compliment to any fitness routine. This total body workout is designed to lift, define and tone. No bags, no gloves, no excuses. Just dumbbells, body bands, and heart-pounding weighted shadowboxing. Expect to increase endurance, challenge your stamina and strength for results that you can see and feel.

* Gloves and wraps not needed

All Levels

45 minutes of high intensity intervals set to knock you out with speed and power. 40% harder, faster and meant to make you stronger. You will switch it up between floor work and bag work at a much faster pace, we won’t let you leave until you’re drenched in sweat.

* Gloves and wraps needed


All classes at CruBox follow a specific in-house crafted program rooted in fundamental boxing techniques distilled from professional fighting manoeuvres. Our Pack Leaders provide clients with a solid foundation in the actual sport, building power, agility, endurance, and mental discipline, in a fun and inclusive setting.

Our Pack Leaders are carefully selected and thoroughly trained in our special program, in order to deliver the highest standards of quality.

Be prepared to feel their sweat drippin’ playlists and that illustrious unparalleled CRU energy— These Pack Leaders are here to take you to a whole new levels


At CRU, we are dedicated to providing you, our pack, our family with the highest standard of cleanliness and safety at our studios, at all times.

We use top-grade disinfectants and practice frequent cleaning. With heightened attention to all heavy bags, gloves weights and high-touch surfaces.

CruBox is designed for people of all levels to enjoy— No prior experience is necessary.

Students are able to go at their own pace to suit their personal abilities and are encouraged to stay hydrated during the class.

Bottled water, gloves and hand wraps can be purchased at the front of house.

Prices include complimentary glove rentals, clean towels and use of our lockers. Freshen up after your ride in one of our full-service male and female shower rooms, equipped with high-grade amenities.

Bottled water, gloves and hand wraps can be purchased at the Front Desk.


Spend a little QT with our personal trainers. Hone in on specific weak spots and build endurance while being challenged with speed and power drills. This session includes, but is not limited to, mitt work, jump rope, bodyweight exercises all tailored to your needs.

Two’s a party! Share your private sweat session with family, lover or friend. It’s said that you burn more calories working out with company. This session includes, but is not limited to, mitt work, jump rope, bodyweight exercises all tailored to your needs


Make your next party or corporate event a hit. Every group experience has exclusive access to our studio and signature calass format. Book a private class (or the entire studio if you fancy). Suitable for birthdays, charity, corporate networking events, pre-wedding activity, special collaborations and more.

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