Co-Founder CruCycle and CruBox
Ambassador for lululemon and Vie Active

Having grown up between Singapore and Los Angeles, I was constantly surrounded by fitness and food. I am an avid fitness junkie who is just as adventurous with my food as I am with my music. I am of Malaysian Shanghainese descent, and hail from a family of animal lovers; I grew up in a household "zoo" that at various times included 18 dogs, 29 rabbits, 6 chicken, 8 hamsters, turtles, and fish!

Always an athletic but never competitive kid, I was a part of various sport teams at school. Besides playing tennis for the Varsity team, I also partook in badminton and bowling. I love trying new fitness concepts all over the world, and especially love bringing friends to share the experience with me. Not only do I teach both indoor cycling at CruCycle Singapore (opened October 2014) and boxing at CruBox Los Angeles (opening Summer 2017), but I am a Master Instructor at both studios. Becoming a Pack Leader was one of the best experiences of my life... I love being able to sprinkle the seeds of knowledge and happiness I've gained from it onto others, as it has really helped me mentally, physically and spiritually!

Alongside living an active lifestyle and incorporating regular sweat sessions in, I believe what goes into my body is just as important. I was taught how to cook and bake by my parents at an early age (thanks mom and dad!), and ever since my style of cooking has evolved tremendously... I still experiment in the kitchen today. I am a huge foodie; I love reading food blogs and admiring food art, and I go out of my way to seek new dishes to try. I am an advocate for eating real food and being aware of what's on the plate, hence I try to cook at home as much as I can albeit the occasional cheat day out or food adventure! 

Off duty, I regularly attend pilates, yoga, spin, boxing, or dance classes, but I also love to hike, snowboard and play tennis. I'm fortunate enough to be graced with amazing Californian weather, as I'm very much an outdoorsy kind of person. My best adventure was, at 17 years old, hiking the Himalayan Mountains and meeting the Dalai Lama at his monastery in Tibetan India. No phone or computer for a week, just fresh air and great company.

I collect sneakers and cookbooks, and I love going to live concerts, painting, science and travel. I love learning about new cultures and languages, and meeting people of all different backgrounds. Teaching gives me an opportunity to connect with people and to make a positive difference to their day.

My mission for teaching at CruCycle Singapore and CruBox Los Angeles is to challenge my students to discover their full potential one class at a time. My purpose for CRU68 is to lead, inspire, and change the world. What's yours?